See Everyone As Extraordinary

There is ministry that Jesus is calling us to, and much of it is right under our noses.  So many people walk or drive by our church, send their children to our Child Development Center and children activities, and receive help through our outreach missions.  Seven years ago we listened to our community and asked what did they want us to hear.   One comment was we needed to “see them”.  That phrase has stuck with me to this day.  Do we really see those around us?  If we truly saw them, would they in turn see Jesus in us?  You are invited to join us on January 26th,  4-6pm in the Christian Life Center #205,  as we start a discernment process to see those around us.  The two weeks following the first meeting, will consist of individual study on scriptures about “seeing”.  We reconvene on February 9th and 16th 4-6 to discern how God is working through us to see others and how our teams might take some next steps in ministry.  Family Life, Discipleship, Hospitality, Evangelism, and Children’s Council will be meeting as one large group, but we would love to have all who are interested participate.  We need you to help us discern just where God might be leading our church.   No requirements or experience necessary, except to be willing to listen to the voice of God in our midst.   If you have questions, feel free to contact Teresa Holt, 501-623-6668 or 


SEE Schedule

Open our Eyes That We Might See!

Sunday, January 26th

Seeing Through our Stories - Tradition

Monday, January 27th - Saturday, February 8th

Seeing Through God's Story - Scripture

Sunday, February 9th and 16th

Seeing and Discerning Through our Sharing - Experience and Reason