Streaming BIble Studies

Come join us as we stream our Bible Studies.  Information and Links are below

Incarnation Advent Study

During the Advent Season, the pastoral staff, as well as Sunday School classes, will be offering the Adam Hamilton Study, "Incarnation".  This study will also be the theme of our worship services.  If you would like to participate in a Incarnation Zoom study (we begin the last week of November),  you can register by calling the church office (501-623-6668) or click on the link to register online.  Small Group Four Week Bible Study "Incarnation". 


Mondays, Nov 30th - 10:00 am  Rev Teresa Holt

Mondays, Nov 30th -  6:30 pm   Rev J.J. Galloway

Thursdays, Dec 3rd,  - 2:00 pm   Rev Bill Sardin

Participants are encouraged to purchase their own books, but if this option is available to you, notify the church office and one will be provided for you.

To learn more about Incarnation, click on the Book to watch a preview of the study.