Grace Steps

Grace Steps: the steps we take together in our journey of faith. 

We take seriously what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Therefore, we are very intentional about what and how we teach our children, youth and adults.  Throughout our Sunday School and Small Group Ministries, you will discover that we have thought through what is taught and when and how it correlates to what we believe.  Below is a compilation of what is taught in our children and youth programs and the beliefs, goals and theology that underpins what is studied in our small groups.

Read the Grace Steps in full by downloading the brochure HERE

Step 1: Learn the Faith

PRE-K Songs of Faith

KINDERGARTEN – Shema/Great Commandment (Deuteronomy 6, Matthew 22:37-39)

1ST GRADE–The Lord's Prayer and the Doxology

2ND GRADE – John Wesley's 3 Simple Rules, Disciples of Jesus

3RD GRADE – Books of the Bible and 10 Commandments (Exodus 20)

4TH GRADE – Great Commission (Matthew 28:19), Apostles Creed, Gloria Patri

5TH GRADE – Grace and Means of Grace

*The Children's Ministry utilizes the Common English Bible.

Read the Grace Steps in full by downloading the brochure here.

STep 2: Profess & Live Faith

Confirmation begins the process where youth begin to own the faith that was professed by their parents at baptism.  Throughout their Middle/Jr High Years they explore what they believe and how it affects their faith and actions.  In Senior High, they prepare to live as Christians in a diverse culture.


6th Grade Confirmation

The basic tenets of our Faith: our beliefs and our Covenant as members of the church.


7th – 9th Grades

God's Kingdom is different from the world's kingdom.

  • How do I understand what I believe? (My connection to God)
  • How do I share and grow with others in my faith? (My connection to others)
  • How do I profess my faith with others outside my church? (My connection to the world)


10th- 12th Grade

How Personal and Social Holiness in a Diverse Culture

  • Growing deeper in my relationship with God through Prayer (My connection to God)
  • Growing deeper in my understanding of God and being able to own and live out what I believe
  • Willingness to share my understanding of God and my faith both in words and actions
  • Willingness to listen and allow others to share their faith (My connection to others and to the world)

Read the Grace Steps in full by downloading the brochure here.

STep 3: Grow In Faith

Practice the General Rules and therefore grow more perfect in love with God and others

Do no harm, Do Good, practice the Means of Grace (practice the Presence of God) through the study of Scripture, Prayer, Discipline, Worship and Holy Communion, and Christian Conferencing (practice the Presence of Jesus with others).

Read the General Rules of the United Methodist Church in its entirety on the UMC website here.

Read the Grace Steps in full by downloading the brochure here.